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Below are some of the faces behind our best marketing campaigns and big client wins. In addition to these team members, we love working with other creatives to help you get the job done. We are aways ready to help secure quotes and match you with the perfect people for your project and goals.

Megan Wilson

Creative director 

Megan has 15 years of experience in marketing, which includes social media, email marketing, fundraising, public relations, influencer management, web development and more. During that time, she has earned awards as a writer and grown a large audience as an influencer. These last two factors help her strategize and create with impact. She can quickly develop an effective route to a customer’s heart and mind and turn them into loyal advocates and customers.

Brandy Jones

social media manager

Brandy is who we all go to with the latest burning questions and conundrums when it comes to social media. She’s been paving the way in the ever-changing world of social-media based marketing for two years with Sweet Talk Strategy. She’s organized, creative, and in tune with what’s new and next on social media. She’s behind the scenes on many of our major events and complex initiatives keeping a close eye on trends, best practices, and high-impact strategies. 

Ashley Loth


Many of the photos you see here on our website are by the talented Ashley Loth. She’s been a professional photographer since 2009. Her skill set is vast and her personality brings out the best in business owners, nonprofit leaders, brides, and creatives. She listens well, edits to the client’s aesthetic, and empowers everyone who sits on the other side of the lens. Walk away feeling confident and even more so after you receive your album.

Ryan Wheeler


Ryan is a skilled digital creator who has invested more than 6 years learning the intricacies of video and photo production. He has a background shooting extreme sports in rugged environments as well as working on set with a team of other creatives, models, and directors to achieve the perfect image for a brand. He can create videos ready for the big screen or for your preferred social media accounts.

Sandrine Wilson

showit web designer

Sandrine got her start as an entrepreneur right here with us at Sweet Talk Strategy years ago. Since, she’s invested years in education to become the skilled straight-shooting expert web designer she is today. Evidence of her expertise is displayed right here with our website! She capture’s your brand’s energy and vision while emphasizing action. Sandrine’s websites convert because of her special blend of science and creativity. 

Megan is an excellent writer;

she has really helped me craft important messages that use my voice during the rebrand. She also has an incredible ability to remember so many details we discuss and take action on them so that ideas don't just get lost in conversation!

M​egan has invaluable experience in brand awareness, PR, and social media, but the big seller for me is she's great to work with. 

Never any negativity or even a hint of rudeness. I've always been so impressed with her professionalism and positive spirit.

Megan and I chatted for about an hour and her amazing brain just poured out innovation.

I was so impressed with her ideas, I knew I had to have her on my team!

If I had more employees like Megan, I would hire them all.


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